Track Sleeper Concrete Mould Release Agent

Track Sleeper Concrete Mould Release Agent

MNC-TS type track sleeper concrete mould release agent is milky white mould release agent with fragrant flavor and fine texture. It originates from crude oil, treated by clay contact decolorization process and refined by appropriate amount of catalyst, antiseptic, anticoagulant, antioxidant and so on. Our product is dedicated to the railway sleepers on the mold release process.

Our track sleeper concrete mould release agent is environment-friendly product, featuring high purity, high fat content, high temperature resistance, low solidifying point, inflaming retarding, good rain-proof effect, high stability of quality, strong antioxidant, no erosion, no explosion, non-radioactive, no pollution, no explosion, and no harm to human body.

Compared with motor oil, track sleeper concrete mould release agent can be twice as cheap as that or other mold release products, and reduce two-thirds of pores and bubbles in similar area to make surface smooth and beautiful. After mold release, there is little dust and no fouling on mold, which is easy to clean without vestiges. Besides, it provides the function of rust prevention, restores its finish by cleaning, and delays mold life. In the case of tight time and heavy task, mold stripping, cleaning, spraying and formwork erection can be carried out at the same time to improve mold turnover rate with high production efficiency.

Preservation method
Track sleeper concrete mould release agent should be placed inside under seal with 3 years of shelf life, not allowed for exposure to sun and rain. Even in summer with no indoor storage condition, coverage with ventilation is a must. In high and cold region, our product should be stored with anti-freezing. For example, you can place it close to storehouse with heater or maintenance pit for storage.

We are an experienced track sleeper concrete mould release agent manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including melamine sulphonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture, high strength non-shrink grout, concrete retarder, among others.

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