Concrete Mould Release Agent

Concrete Mould Release Agent

MNC-T6 type concrete mould release agent is applied to various types of template used at room temperature, including wood, metal, polyester or plywood.

Concrete mould release agent features little dust and no fouling on the mould, easy to dismantle, rust resisting, mould clean, extending the mold life, cheaper than motor oil and other mold release products, and no erosion on product surface, mould, rubber seal and rubber boots. By forming an isolation membrane, it can fight against rain pouring with no influence on stripping effect.

This product coverage ranges from 60 to 120 ㎡/㎏ when sprayed with suitable equipment, the size of which differs from the temperature and the amount of water added.

How to use concrete mould release agent
1. Before initial dose, you must clean such devices as containers, pressure tank, piping and nozzle. Checking nozzle frequently and cleaning pressure tank quarterly is necessary to keep spray finishing evenly and prevent long-term water accumulation.
2. In winter or low temperature, you should heat mixing water and fully mix it well for use rather than use steam directly for mixing.
3. For the initial use, weight ratio of concrete mould release agent should be adjusted to one to two. According to mold finish, the proportion of adding water gradually increases to 1 to 2.5, 1 to 3, 1 to 3.5 and 1 to 4.
4. You should always keep mold surface clean with treatment of rust removal and polishing.
5. Warm-up before using cold mould or improving mold release concentration must be done to avoid mold sticking and barrel edge spalls, etc.
6. Before spraying, the pressure of pressure tank should be adjusted to no less than 0.4MPa to reach the mist effect by spraying.
7. You should correctly and evenly spray the release agent. If it appears the phenomenon of spray uneven or tainted spray, artificial brush is a must.

Each barrel of concrete mould release agent weighs 50 kg.

As a China-based concrete mould release agent manufacturer and supplier, we at MUHU also provide high range water reducing and retarding admixture, concrete corrosion inhibitor, water reducer / plasticizer, and more.

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