Concrete Bridge Mould Release Agent

Concrete Bridge Mould Release Agent

MNC-TL type concrete bridge mould release agent is composed of refined grease solvent and appropriate amount of additive with white appearance and fine texture. It features high purity, high content of oil, high temperature resistance, low solidifying point, high stability of quality, strong antioxidant, no erosion, no pollution and no harm to human body.

Our concrete bridge mould release agent is widely used in large bridges and sleepers and other cement products for the mold release process.

Dosage and Usage
1. Recommended dosage is 20m2/kg.
2. With a little concrete bridge mould release agent, you only need to use duster to paint a thin coating on template.

Each iron barrel of concrete bridge mould release agent weighs 13.5 kg.

As a professional concrete bridge mould release agent manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer amino acrylsulphonate phenol formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture, non-dispersible underwater concrete, concrete fiber, concrete air entraining admixture, and much more.

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