Cementitious Repair Mortar

Cementitious Repair Mortar

Cementitious repair mortar is a new type of modified cement based patching material with multi function and bicomponent. It is composed of special cement, well chosen fine aggregate and polymer additives in reasonable proportion. Our product is suitable for patching material on concrete surface as well as scraping material on new type wall material surface and board surface and so on. It is also widely used for patching materials in highway, viaduct, marine concrete structure, new and old buildings, etc.

Cementitious repair mortar features high impermeability, good chemical resistance performance, friendly to environment, good compression strength and bending resistance, good wear resistance, high strength of adhesion and low shrinkage. In addition, it is easy to scrape flat and can reduce water sensitivity.

Dosage of cementitious repair mortar is determined by the specific situation of construction.

We are an experienced cementitious repair mortar manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide high range water reducing and retarding admixture, concrete corrosion inhibitor, concrete fiber, and concrete retarder, among others.

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