Rapid Strength Non-Shrink Grout, QGW Type

Rapid Strength Non-Shrink Grout, QGW Type

QGW type rapid strength non-shrink grout can provide automatic flow, free-vibrating, rapid strength, high strength of 10 to 15MPa one hour after pouring, micro-expansion, non-shrink, no cracking and good weather resistance, especially suitable for long-time safe use at the temperature of -40℃ to 400℃.

Rapid strength non-shrink grout is widely used for rapid repair of cement concrete pavement, airport runway, sealing and plugging, anchoring, as well as filling and reinforcing of cracks in civil construction structures.

Using Method
Mortar stirred well should be used up within 10 to 15 minutes.

Technical Data Sheet
Compressive Strength MPa Fluidity (mm) Expansion Rate (%) Applying time (min)
1.5hours 2hours 1day 3days 28days
≥15 ≥20 ≥30 ≥40 ≥60 ≥270 ≥0.02 20

MUHU is a specialized rapid strength non-shrink grout manufacturer in China. We also produce amino acrylsulphonate phenol formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture, shotcrete accelerator, concrete curing compound agent, polysulfide sealant, and much more.

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