High Range Pumping Water Reducing Admixture, MNC-P2 Type

High Range Pumping Water Reducing Admixture

MNC-A1 type high range water reducing accelerating admixture is hardening accelerating and water reducing admixture, which meets the needs of ASTM C 494 for Type C, Type E and Type F. It is suitable for normal concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete projects across a wide range of ambient temperature conditions such as mild, low and subfreezing temperatures at above -8℃. Also, it is widely used for situ and precast concrete, mixed fly ash concrete, as well as concrete projects and products for nature conservation, and road repair projects.

Our high range water reducing accelerating admixture is non-toxic, odorless and nonflammable brown powder, which does not corrode steel bars. It has great influence on concrete construction in winter, and it well adapts itself to ordinary portland cement, portland slag cement, portland pozzolana cement and so on. Besides, it has remarkable water reducing, early strengthening and accelerating effect, which can largely speed up the turnover of template and site, and shorten the construction period.

1. If cured at 50℃, our product can achieve 75% of the designed strength grade by 12 hours.
2. Above 15% of cement can be saved without sacrificing slump retention and strength. Besides, water reducing rate of our product can reach more than 18%.
3. Its concrete compressive strength can be improved by 120% on the 1st day, 80% on the 3rd day and 30% on the 28th day. Under normal curing conditions, our product can achieve designed strength by 3 days.

Dosage and Usage
1. Recommended dosage of our product is 2.5% of cement quantity.
2. Our product can be added to the mixer with cement, while the measurement must be accurate.

This product is packed in woven bag with plastic liner, with each bag weighing 40 kg.

As a major high range water reducing accelerating admixture manufacturer in China, we also provide acetone sulfonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture, concrete curing compound agent, polysulfide sealant, and more.

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