Calcium Lignosulfonate

Calcium Lignosulfonate

Calcium lignosulfonate, commonly known as wood calcium, comes from the waste liquid of wood pulp produced by sulfite, which should be treated by off sugar processing, and concentration or spray drying. It can be applicable to concrete project for water reducing agent and retarding agent, which can improve both workability and quality of project. Also, it can be used as flotation agent, slag binder, pesticide filling agent and emulsifier.

Our calcium lignosulfonate helps concrete improve good workability and good concrete fluidity with high water reducing rate. Besides, it can increase density of concrete to improve concrete impermeability, frost resistance and durability with no erosion to steel bars. Our product can provide retarding function used alone or with naphthalene-based or amino-based superplasticizer.

Items Standard Test Result
Water Reducing Rate (%) ≥10 11
Moisture (%) ≤8 8
PH Value 6 ± 1 6
Water Insoluble Matter (%) ≤1.5 0.9

Commonly used dosage ranges from 0.2% to 0.3% of the weight of cementing material, while recommended dosage is 0.25%. A variety of experiments are required to decide the optimal dosage.

Our product is packed in woven bag with plastic liner and net weight of each bag is 25 kg.

We are a professional calcium lignosulfonate manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including high range water reducing and retarding admixture, track sleeper concrete mould release agent, concrete repair mortar, and more.

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